~Rapid Chess~

Rapid Chess @ Fast Chess
Definition : A form of chess in which all moves must be completed during a fixed time, usually 30 minutes per player.

Fast chess, also known as blitz chess, lightning chess, sudden death, speed chess, bullet chess and rapid chess, is a type of chess game in which each side is given less time to make their moves than under the normal tournament time controls of 60–180 minutes (1–3 hours) per player. Lets have a look at the video shot. Enjoy and learn it!!!

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  1. hehe~~~ dulu2 mase join tourney before start real game mmg kene men rapid game...

  2. ngeeeheheheh....mcm2 nm ek...hohoho

  3. ak pnah tgok kawan ak main chess,
    mmg terer giler.. laju dan berani.
    ranking dia kat dunia 899 woo... hebat..

    ak? aku mestila juara btahan no satu....
    tu kalo main dam la, hehe

    [From diDEN]

  4. rerame: em ade bnyak pesen lagi, so tunggu~~~~
    Diden: bile kite nak berentap nih...(>_<)