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God Save The Queen?

The old saying of "God save the Queen" does not always apply when playing chess. While some would argue that keeping the queen at all costs will be the difference between winning and losing, there are others who will tell you that a winning game of chess is all about sacrifice no matter how painful. Some players will spend the whole game trying to protect their queen and will never consider sacrificing this piece during the game. Being ultra protective of your queen can lead to your downfall in a game of chess.
It is important to allow some of your other pieces to begin the attacks and to keep the queen in reserve until an opportunity arrives, but keeping her at all costs is a mistake that many players make. Being the most versatile piece on the board the queen can lead to great offensive attacks. Willingness to sacrifice and trade a queen for a queen will help you to achieve the bigger goal of winning the game against your opponent.
Allow your other pieces to initiate the attacks and bring the queen in to limit the possible movements of your opponent. Try to not waste moves by being overprotective of your queen, because ultimately you only get so many moves in a game and it is important to make each move count. Wasting movements of your queen, or any other pieces will provide your opponent with an advantage. Try to make every move count during your game and do not be afraid to sacrifice the queen for a queen, or to sacrifice other pieces when it will provide you with an advantage. The phrase "God save the Queen" applies in politics, but does not always apply when playing to win in a game of chess.

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