Chess Tips : Studying is Hard Work

To really make major improvements in your chess game you need to study a variety of concepts. You have already started by reading this. Reading about games, tactics, strategies, etc. are proven methods of improving your chess game. There are also software programs to visually teach you tactics and multiple web sites with a variety of learning tools.

The important thing is to try and stay interested in learning. Playing chess is great fun. Studying concepts and strategies is not always as fun as playing an actual game against a good opponent. Try to stay interested in your studies by utilizing a learning method that you enjoy. If you enjoy reading, then get some chess books to read through. If you are a more visual learner, then some of the software programs or websites may be more your style.

Think back to your school days, or your current school days. It was always easier for me to do well in courses that I enjoyed because they held my interest. The same idea applies to studying and learning about chess. Learn about the things that interest you the most. Those could be gambits, tactics, strategies, focusing on the end game etc. Then use the methods that hold your attention the best. If you are a visual learner, reading may not be the best method for you. If you are more of a conceptual thinker, you may like to reconstruct games in your head and play through all of the possible options that were available. Whatever methods you choose try to make learning about chess fun for you because after all that is what games are all about.

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