Back To Basic - Part 1

Playing the game: chess

The purpose to the game of chess is to trap your opponents can also known as checkmate or check. To get checkmate use a snaking move that both attacks the enemy king and prevents your opponent from making a countermove to get away from attack. If you checkmate your opponent again is over and you have won because the king can not get out of check.

You can also win if your opponent decides to resign, or forfeit from the gain. And point me resign if he or she feels that their position is hopeless and that it is only a matter of time before you deliver the checkmate.

If neither person enforce the checkmate again is consider a draw. A draw would happen if each player has only came remaining on the board or if both players think that neither of them has much of a chance of winning. Or again can be draw on my stalemate, and stalemate is win the player whose turn it is to move cannot make any legal moves but is not in check. Again this only happens when there are very few pieces left on the board.

The start of the game: chess

At the beginning of a game white is always the first person to move. A player must take his or her turn to move they cannot refuse to do a move. Each person is only allowed to move their own chess pieces and not their opponents. Only in one piece can occupy one square at a time.

Every piece died in the chess board is allowed to move only in a certain way.

To take a piece off the board from your opponent which is also known as to capture, you must move one of your pieces so that it will's I square that has one of your opponents pieces. You can then remove that piece from the chess board removing it from the game. Although there is a way of capturing your opponent's piece without landing on a square but this is called the en passant move, which we will explain later on.

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